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CAMS driving down your monthly AWS & Azure cost

With everything going on in the world, most businesses are looking at ways to save money and cut spending. One area that will come under fire is IT spend, and a large component of that spend is usually the monthly cloud bill.

If you have infrastructure hosted in AWS or Azure then CAMS can help to drive down your monthly costs while still maintaining performance.


CloudOps Active Management Solution (CAMS) is a powerful tool that can help you automate your cloud infrastructure and reduce your monthly costs

CAMS provides you with full visibility into your cloud spend, so you can identify and optimize wasteful spending. CAMS also provides real-time cost analysis and recommendations on how to reduce your monthly bill.



The benefits of using CAMS for managing AWS & Azure

The benefits of CAMS are not just limited to cost analysis and reduction. CAMS is driven by a best-of-breed set of tools under the hood including:

As well as integration directly with AWS & Azure for identity (AWS Cloud Formations / Azure Lighthouse) and the APIs for cost and performance.

Enhanced security monitoring with quarterly PEN testing, 24/7 assisted support, patching, backup all included in one easy-to-understand portal.


Tips for getting started with CAMS

There is a free version of CAMS available called CAMS starter, with this you can link it to any AWS or Azure tenant and get a view of your cloud costs.

Ready to change how you manage your cloud, sign up for a trial.