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Why does CAMS deliver unified cloud management?

Unified cloud management provides many benefits to users, including the ability to manage multiple cloud providers from a single interface, improved efficiency and cost savings. In addition, unified cloud management can help organizations to meet compliance requirements by providing visibility into all aspects of their cloud environment.

CAMS is plug-and-play with AWS & Azure

CAMS allows you to manage your infrastructure across cloud providers and multiple subscriptions/regions across the globe in one management portal. CAMS is an effective unified cloud management platform because it includes all of the areas you need to manage your cloud effectively.

  • Cost management and recommendations help keep your cloud usage efficient and within budget.
  • Auto-scaling resources ensures that you have the right amount of compute power available at all times.
  • Patching and maintenance keep your system up-to-date and secure.
  • Security audits identify potential risks and provide recommendations for remediation.
  • Risk logging provides visibility into which areas of your system are most at risk.

Overall, CAMS provides a comprehensive solution for managing all aspects of your cloud environment and is plug-and-play with AWS and Azure.

Public cloud-native integration

Previously, Cloud Integration was achieved using a collection of tools and services which had limitations such as the Cloud Service we could integrate with and how the costs were collected and calculated. Cloud Integration has been re-developed from scratch specifically for CAMS and now talks directly to AWS and Azure APIs, allowing us to connect more securely and provide improved CAMS support for current and future additional Cloud Services.

This direct integration provides the following improvements:

  • Live VM costs no longer requires Monitoring to be deployed to the VMs
  • Live VM costs are available for all VMs in all of your Cloud Accounts which are added to CAMS, regardless of your CAMS Managed VM allocation
  • Costs are updated more frequently (currently every 15 minutes)
  • Costs now support a wider range of SKUs such as Spot Instance
  • In alignment with AWS and Azure base pricing, all costs are now provided in the cloud provider's base currency of USD

This allows you to get live costs and check your actual cloud spending against your budgets.

Native Cloud Credentials Integration

CAMS will now access your Clouds using its own credentials, which are more secure and follows the best practices from both Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. This allows us to manage CAMS' credentials securely, rotating access keys more frequently without customer intervention and limiting permissions to only those required.

  • AWS: CloudFormation templates for easy setup
  • AWS: Require the use of an External ID
  • Azure: ARM templates for easy setup based on Azure Lighthouse

Micro-services architecture

CAMS also brings together a set of best-of-breed open-source technologies for managing your cloud. Each of these links into the CAMS cloud management portal and gives you the visibility you need.

Each of these technologies underpins a core functionality area within CAMS and the micro services architecture of CAMS allows us to plug in more tools as we need to.

There are a number of other technologies used in CAMS under the hood but these are the most well know.

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